Visually appealing, maintained, and ranking websites!



Consumer Affinity delivers modern, high performing websites. We help small and medium business owners. Our services are designed to address the most common problems related to website design and website maintenance.

Business owners simply don’t have time to become website design experts. Our website development service provides tremendous value to our clients.

We build WordPress websites. We chose this platform because it runs over 75 million websites and online stores. Bloggers use it because it’s a popular blog platform. It’s also the best choice for search engines like Google and Bing.

WordPress is a flexible tool, and that is another reason for selecting it. There are plugins to accomplish practically anything you need. There’s WooCommerce for e-commerce and MailChimp for email marketing.

"What a fantastic experience! Steve is highly collaborative and creative - His suggestions and alternatives made the site come alive. We're thrilled with how it turned out. We jumped on the maintenance plan too - it's a no-brainer."

Scott Hollis, CEO Curramba Tech


Our founder has 20 years of technical experience with servers, networking, and cloud technologies. We routinely work with hosting providers to address performance issues, update, and modify domain name (DNS) records to assist our clients with to keep their websites available for their visitors. Our maintenance plan includes unlimited content updates, SEO keyword analysis, and we help provide marketing reports to help you understand if you're attracting website visitors.

Our plans include an online backup solution to maintain your data in the event of a critical failure.

"He is very thorough, easy to bat pros and cons of ideas back & forth. Easy to talk and work with, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Has lots of tools in his tool box. Bottom line he keeps going till he gets the job completely done."

Carl Glaze, Board Member Gulf Coast Tiny Paws Rescue


Consumer Affinity has used a combination of content via an SEO strategy, TV commercials, Facebook and Google ads. We've found an effective way of getting increased web traffic over time is combining both SEO and SEM.



Other agencies charge exorbitant fees that small and medium-sized businesses simply can't afford. These prices force owners to either attempt to develop their own websites, hire a freelancer, or pay an Intern. They wind up spending more money than they should, and they don't get great websites.

Business Value

We recognize that websites are a business investment with an expected return. Your website must be designed with that objective in mind. We try to provide business insights when and where we can.


We believe that a highly collaborative process winds up with a better end product.


If we think a design element doesn't work, we'll discuss it and give our opinion. We work with our clients to build them the website they feel will help them communicate their particular business value.