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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I modify my content?

If you understand how WordPress works, and you’re comfortable doing it yourself – absolutely! If you want me to do it after we put your website into production you’ll need to sign up for a monthly maintenance plan.

Do you enable SSL?

Not in the normal circumstances but if you buy our maintenance package, we’ll work with your hosting provider to get SSL working correctly.

Do you pay for Themes or Plugins?

We use a professional version of a page builder to create our websites. We also have a subscription to royalty free icons, images, and videos.

If you sign up for maintenance with us, we do you a couple of plugins to manage your site (and others).

Do you provide support?

It depends. If you’re wanting changes after the project is complete, no we don’t. If something we setup or built broke – yes. We’ll support a website build for 30 days in a break-fix situation. If you want content changes or other minor modifications, you need to sign up for our maintenance package.

Do you update plugins?

If you’re on our monthly maintenance package – yes, absolutely. If you bought a website from us and it breaks during our 30 day guarantee period – yes, we will fix it. If you want a new plugin or you want us to update or maintain them, you need a maintenance package.

Do you write my content?

It depends. If it’s information security or technology related, I probably can and maybe even will write copy for you. If not, I can put placeholder text on the website or make an attempt at writing something and you can provide it later. I prefer to be highly collaborative and look at website building as a team project.

How do I communicate changes and provide my content?

You can email me PowerPoint slides, Word documents, and images that include content you want on the website. We can meet with Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype or any software you prefer to use.

How do I get my site to rank on Google, Bing, or other search engines?

The short answer – original content and lots of it. That content needs to contain the keywords you want to use to be found on the Internet. If you buy our SEO content and SEM packages, we’ll help you.

How do I get started?

Place an order here by going to pricing and picking the options you want. Once you do that, you’ll need to have some idea of what you would like to see on your website.

I usually recommend that you browse your favorite websites looking for styles, colors, fonts, and menu systems that you prefer.

If you don’t already own a domain, you’ll need to register one that we’ll use for your new website. You’ll also need a hosting provider.

What if my site gets hacked or defaced?

That depends. If we’re responsible for maintaining your site, we’ll make sure that plugins are regularly updated. We can’t guarantee that WordPress or the plugins that we use or you install yourself won’t introduce a vulnerability. Also, if you create accounts on the website and you need to use good password standards.

Who do you recommend for a hosting provider?

I have used Bluehost for the last 18 months. They offer some really good hosting packages for incredibly low prices. I’ve also read reviews that say Bluehost is one of the fastest hosting providers out there (I don’t know how true that is in reality).

Who do you recommend for registering domain names?

Personally, Google Domains is one of my favorites because they usually have good prices and their DNS services are intuitive. So, it’s pretty easy to setup an A record or a C Name record. You can even buy .org and .net versions of your domain (if you buy a .com) and then easily redirect the traffic to the .com domain.

I’ve also used,, IONOS, and others.