Visually appealing, maintained, and ranking websites!



We sometimes design concepts or prototype websites when we’re trying to win new business. 

When we’re pursuing new customers, we like to try and highlight how we’re different. One of those ways is to demonstrate how their website could look should they choose us to redesign it. 

We start by looking at the current website and getting an understanding of the business that drives the website’s current design and content. We look at several key areas, including how information is presented, how much content is on various pages, and the visual elements used to engage visitors.   

Our design process then starts with brainstorming the hero section (aka the area “above the fold”) since that is the most valuable real estate that can be found on a website. We either use the current tagline or seek to improve it. 

The design we choose includes trying to walk a fine line between having enough content to engage visitors to get them to further interact with your website and also meet the SEO content needs to be effective for search.  

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