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Your site won’t rank unless you put content on it. That’s done by adding specific relevant keywords on your site through on-page SEO and through a blog. We write 4 blogs a month for you: 1 capstone (2500 words) supported by 3 follow up related articles (1000 words each).

Note: If you want us to write 4 blog posts for multiple websites, select more than one (1) for your order. This is a monthly subscription so if you only want one Content plan, please only select a quantity of one (1).


  • One (1) large 2,500 word post, in other words, a “capstone” or key article.
  • Three (3) smaller 1,000 word posts that above all support and provide more keywords for search engines
  • Linking of the smaller articles to the capstone article so that the search engines “see” your website as an authority
  • Topic collaboration so that you get the content that is relevant for your business
  • Keyword collaboration because you won’t rank unless we add specific keywords and keyword variations
  • SEO and keyword analysis because without analysis, you won’t know if you’re hitting the mark and growing your website traffic


  1. You are signing up for a recurring subscription. As a result, you’ll be billed monthly.
  2. The quantity field is not the number of months; therefore, unless you want us to support multiple websites please choose a quantity of one (1).
  3. If you want us to write a blog for multiple websites, please select the number of websites you want us to support. If you only want one plan, please select a quantity of one (1).