Visually appealing, maintained, and ranking websites!




We communicate with you about the performance of your website, our tuning, and your website's current capabilities.


We help tweak content with updates for each page and section. We take on the responsibility for keyword research.


We discuss your design goals, logo, and colors and give you access to our Design Center to look at a wide variety of options.


Offload the responsibility for all content updates and software maintenance.


Optimize rankings with a faster, higher performing, and tuned website.


Get better protection with security scans, improved security settings, and backups.


We analyze your website traffic trends. We look at your bounce rates, session durations, page views and search results.

Why Website Maintenance is Important


Our tools and processes ensure that if your WordPress database fails, you have a way to recover that data before it's lost forever. We can set a regular backup schedule that you're comfortable with. Usually, we default to a weekly backup schedule but that can be changed based on your website's needs. If you have a lot of visitors, you might want daily backups. If you don't, you might only need a monthly backup.

Content is King!

If you're not adding or updating your content based on website visitors and website performance then your site will struggle to attract visitors. Our monthly maintenance plan includes unlimited content updates and website traffic analysis.

We use a combination of Google Analytics, the Google Search Console, and various marketing tools to understand on page SEO, errors, and other issues that can cause your site not to rank on SERP.


The security of your website is also paramount. We want to make sure that we help you reduce your risk of experiencing a security event. Our tools provide us with recommendations that we activate in order to better protect your website. We also perform regular malware scans and review your website's audit log.

Software Updates are Important

Left to their own devices, WordPress, your Theme, and all your Plugins will content to receive updates. Those updates may improve the usability or functionality of the service they provide but typically, they also include important security updates. Our monthly maintenance plan includes having us monitoring your WordPress installing and updating all of the software involved. If your website requires a PHP update, we'll work with your hosting provider.