Visually appealing, maintained, and ranking websites!




We ghost write weekly - one 2,500 word and three 1,000 word articles per month using targeted high value keywords.


We learn your business and then we identify and propose relevant keywords for your topics and pages.


We perform keyword research and then analyze and modify each of your pages to contain your targeted keywords.


We recommend using our content and SEM plans together to combine the traits of SEO and SEM.


We resolve issues related to meta descriptions, title tags, and other problems that can cause poor search performance.


We analyze and make changes based on traffic trends including bounce rates, session duration, page views and search results.

Why Website Promotion is Important

Content Simply Won't be Found...

... unless you have a defined marketing strategy. You can pay for all of your website visitor traffic with traditional marketing which is anything that isn't online. Or you can use well established techniques to generate organic traffic.

Traditional marketing includes radio and TV (broadcast), print (newspapers, magazines, periodicals, and direct mail), phone (telemarketing) and outdoor advertising (billboards).

Digital marketing encompasses Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) aka Pay Per Click (PPC), digital advertising, and other techniques such as promotional giveaways, social media, and influencer marketing.

Much in the same way as traditional marketing, digital marketing also has a cost. Typically, most digital marketing techniques are more expensive but less work than using techniques that help improve organic traffic growth through SEO. SEO is a lot of work and highly technical.

Information on your web pages like keywords, title tags, meta descriptions and even your website page load speed performance dictate how well your content will rank.

SEO Plan

Our SEO plan is designed to give our customers keyword optimized articles that help their content rank better. We write one long article with three related articles linked to it each week.

Our content includes short-tail and long-tail keywords that you need for your content to rank. We ensure that highly searched keywords relevant to your subject are written into your content. Those words plus any variants are then indexed when the search engines crawl and index your website. Because our articles are custom written (we don't base our content on "researched" articles), Google will view your website as an authority on that particular subject - resulting in higher SERP rankings.

SEM Plan

You digital marketing shouldn't be considered complete without including a paid ad option. Buying one Google ad for the monthly minimum just makes sense. It's not free advertising but it's a very effective strategy. Since we set a particular budget each month, we never go over.